Game Drives

Go on a Safari through our Wildlife Park accompanied by a qualified ranger, and you will be guaranteed to see a variety of high-veld, middle-veld & low-veld animals.


Minimum persons - 2
Booking is essential

Every Tuesday - Sunday

 From 08h00 to 16h00

Contact us: 

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+27 (0) 82 345 1924


 Meet some of our animals:

Baguera and Lacey

Baguera and Lacey are our breeding pair of Siberian Tigers and are the mother and father to our baby cubs Ciarra and Caya. Baguera, 7 years old, is one of the largest tigers in South Africa weighing a massive 340 kilograms. Lacey, 13 years old, is exceptionally small for a Siberian Tiger. Despite their difference in size and age they seem to love each other very much and you'll often see them lying together or play fighting. Siberian Tigers are the largest cats in the world and there are thought to be less than 500 left in the wild due to pressures from poaching, retaliatory killings and habitat loss. 
Baguera and Lacey

Amarock and Aurora

Two of our Siberian Tigers Amerock and Aurora are brother and sister and were born in 2012. They were our first Siberian cubs hand raised at Cradle and Amerock takes after his father, Baguera, a gentle giant! They love climbing their trees and are very playful in water.
Amarock and Aurora


Bismarck is known as our “Goof ball”, because he is a particularly special Siberian tiger! Only 1.5 years old he was born here at Cradle and hand raised by staff. Unfortunately he was born 5 weeks prematurely and as a result has some severe disabilities. His lower jaw is smaller than his upper one, causing him eating problems, he has a curved back and issues with his eye sight. He is, however,  the most lovable, friendly and playful tiger we have at Cradle, come visit and you'll no doubt see him jumping and goofing around in his water pools.

Baguera and Lacey